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Investing in the Future.

We are fuelled by ambitious ideas, extensive research & innovative solutions to
create long term value for our clients, users, partners & community!

Our Vision

Creating a financially aware,
healthy & secure future for the

Our Mission

Making everyone understand how much every penny matters & how much it can grow when used wisely.

Our Values

Integrity, Leadership,
Teamwork & Commitment

Discover our history

Discover our history

Meet our Team


‘The Balancing Baba’

A Techie by Education An Investor & Tutor by Passion Your friendly host for the workshop The Octopus that’s hands-on with everything.


‘The Gyani Guru’

A Certified Financial Planner by Education A Financial Advisor by Profession Your go to guy for Market updates, news, & investing tips.


‘The Techie’

Hides behind the screen Shines with his work Your one stop solution for everything Tech The brain & hand behind all tech innovations at pennywise.

Our Advisors

Full Name

Full Name

Full Name

We aren’t selling any get-rich-quick scheme, nor any financial products. All we
want is to educate and empower you to take better financial decisions.